HBC Application form

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HBC Application form

Post  Sideways on Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:19 pm

1. What name do you use in game? Please list your past names as well.:

2.Have you read our rules?

3.Do you understand everything that you have read, or are you still unclear on certain points? If yes, which?:

4.Do you agree to follow the rules at all times, and to accept all punishment issued if you do not?:

5. How old are you?:

6. Have you been in any previous Halo clans? If so which ones?:

7. Why do you want to join HBC?:

8. What is your favorite level? Weapon?:

9. Have you ever played in a competitive game of Halo before? If not, have you ever played a competitive game of any first person shooter? Will you be willing to learn how to be a better team player and navigate through a competitive playing field?:

10. Describe how active you are both online and in game (in terms of estimated hours of gameplay per week):

11. What country do you currently live in? If USA, list state please.:

12. Do you have Xfire? If so, what is your username? If not, you are expected to download it.

13. Do you have Ventrilo/Teamspeak? If so, do you have a microphone?

14.Describe your gaming style:

15.Do you have Halo Custom Edition?:

16. Have you read Sideways' FAQ

17. Screenshots of you doing well in game are recommended to give others a taste of your skill. Do you have any you want to share here? If so, post them.:


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